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Flash Forward Initiative

FSM’s Flash Forward Initiative helps FSM youth to build relationships with media professionals and to pursue media careers.

Free Spirit Media Flash Forward InitiativeFree Spirit Media Flash Forward InitiativeFSM established the Flash Forward Initiative to address the under-representation of racial minorities in media careers. The Flash Forward Initiative works to build participants’ ambition for educational and career advancement.

Key program activities include coordinating guests speakers, field trips, job shadowing, mentoring, and high level internships.

Flash Forward includes Free Spirit Media’s premier internship program, which has placed more than 30 youth into internships at professional media outlets. Youth in the Flash Forward Internship program not only gain valuable experience at host sites, but also essential work readiness skills through professional development workshops. The Flash Forward Internship continues to grow and serve Free Spirit Media’s most advanced youth.

Internship host sites have included:

  • ABC7
  • Big Shoulders
  • Big Thinking
  • Kelsey Grammer’s “Boss”
  • Cutters
  • FSM Productions
  • Hootenanny
  • Optimus
  • Radar Studios
  • Red Car
  • Simon Casting
  • Towers Productions
  • Transformers 3

Contact us at to learn more or volunteer to host an intern.